Great product with great support. I bought Happy Hull a year ago and it has performed as hoped. It's great not to worry about weed growth, which is unattractive and adversely affects performance and economy. The material is unaffected by the aluminium hull on my XO, which was one of my concerns. I have just taken the boat ashore and all the anodes are fine and won't need replacing - another saving. Thoroughly recommended

Steve Smith /

Saxdor 200

Rory from Happy Hull went over and above in the level of service I expected. I was unable to attend when they fitted the hull but that was no problem for Rory. He took care of everything, sending me photo updates and even a drone timelapse of the whole process! The hull of my boat was absolutely plastered with marine life and although they recommend getting the hull cleaned before fitting the cover, within a week the effectiveness of the product was evident by the smell of the now dead/dying residents of my hull. Needless to say I have had the hull cleaned since and so far, the cover is working perfectly. As a bonus, it really helps docking as once on, my boat moves far less laterally than it did before and has made the docking process much less stressful. 100% recommendation from me. Thank you Rory!

Pete / Recreational boater

Axopar 28

I installed a Happy Hull for my Axopar 28 earlier this year and it's more than lived up to my expectations. Firstly the goal was to eradicate growth on the hull and maximise performance which has worked just as I expected. I recently lifted the boat out for a service and the hull was entirely free from any barnacles or growth. The added benefit though for me has been that the hull protector makes bringing my boat onto berth so much easier. The process of driving onto the hull protector helps hold the boat straight even in a cross wind and as you are almost fully in position there is enough natural drag/friction to hold you in place. I can crew solo in any conditions without any concerns about getting back onto berth alone. Photos show boat on HappyHull and also lifted out the water after 3 months (clean, no growth)

Tom / Skipper

Axopar 28 mk2

We were looking for an alternative on water dock solution for our 28ft motor boat and came across Happy Hull. Rory and the team have been superb from start to finish - from ordering to installation which took less than an hour. I was amazed how quickly it can all be put together, how easy it is to get the boat on and off and not to mention all the benefits the Happy Hull gives. Very happy with the product and the team - would highly recommend it especially for medium to larger sized boats.

Akis Zissis / Captain

5m Pilot house boat

I would like to thank you for the supply and installation of my Happy Hull Cover. I am very impressed with the quality of this product and how it has made having a boat permanently in the water a pleasure and not a pain. No Antifoul. No growth of weed or barnacle it really has put the pleasure back into having a boat, well done on producing a great product. Thanks again Paul Shoebridge

Paul Shoebridge / Recreational Fisherman

Karnic SL652

I was lucky enough to be one of the test beds for happy hulls prototype models on my Karnic speed boat. Worked first time and has kept my hull sparkling clean. My plan was to pull the boat at the end of the season but now am seriously considering keeping boat in water all year round. Love how easy mooring is now as the cover actually guides boat onto area.

C Myers / Skipper

6m Rib

Happy Hull has been great to deal with and provided me with an excellent innovative product. So simple yet beautifully executed. After cleaning and painting our hull for the 5th year in a row I stumbled across Happy Hull and have thrown the scraper in the bin. As an added bonus to keeping our hull spotless the cover has saved my children from dropping my wallet, boat knife and car keys from sinking to Davey Jones locker. Worth it's weight in Gold. 5*'s

J Stocker / Captain