Boat hull protector

Happy Hull is an Eco-Friendly, floating, heavy duty, flexible boat hull protector. Our Patent Pending unique mooring system naturally pushes against the hull of your vessel to prevent barnacles and marine growth. Your hull stays clean, which reduces fuel consumption and stops the need to ever apply anti-foul again.

Happy Hull keeps it simple

Why is Happy Hull so simple:
Nothing to fail.
No electrics or mechanical parts
Install in less than 1 hour
– THEN just simply float your boat onto a happy Hull protector, pull up the rear and pour yourself a cold one…. EASY!!!

Say no to Hull growth!

Hull maintenance can take 7-14 days of memory making days off your boating calendar. Help keep your boat underside free from marine growth and critters! HAPPY HULL prevents marine growth forming on your boat hull by sealing off fresh oxygen and nutrients to aquatic lifeforms that would naturally attach and grow on your hull.

Cleaner and faster

Preventing hull growth from occurring means your boat glides through the water with minimal resistance.
Clean hull = less drag = LESS FUEL USED!
Potential Fuel saving with clean hull

Mooring ain't boring

Take the boring out of mooring!
Our Happy Hull protector just made the end of the day docking a whole lot easier.
The hull protector is securely attached to your mooring and has guide markers allowing you to slide you boat straight on. Entry and exit is very chilled out!
Floating pontoons are up to 50% more expensive and can be daunting to get onto.
Come on Float into Happy with HAPPY HULL!
Time Saved Mooring compared to floating pontoon