Pro vs Base - the differences

Our PRO and BASE hull protector covers achieve the same result, with the same high quality materials. Your boat hull will be just as clean with either model.

The main difference, in the construction, is the surrounding yellow bumpers on the PRO model. The PRO bumpers serve as a barrier to prevent water entering the cover once the boat is docked. As such, the BASE cover edges are required to be lifted up by the user, once docked. The PRO bumpers also provide extra support to the cover making entry and exiting easier.

In short, if you want a more cost effective, easier to store / install cover – BASE will fulfil your needs.  

If you require the easiest / fastest-to-dock cover – PRO is your best bet. It is the better docking aid, helping you to berth with ease.

Happy Hull cover comparison



Easier to transport / store


Easier to dock single handed


Quickest to install


Quicker to enter / exit on boat


Most cost effective


Provides extra collision protection


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