What is the Happy Hull Autopump?

It is a stand alone water pump with bracket that slides onto your boat transom. The water is pumped from your Happy Hull cover to further reduce marine growth and algae staining from occurring on your vessel hull. The pump is fully adjustable to cater for all boat sizes. It is a 'fit and forget' product that once the boat is moored, on the cover, will automatically sense when water is present and remove it from the Happy Hull Cover.

Why autopump?

Why use a Happy Hull autopump?

  • Save time docking – just slide onto your boat transom and plug into 12v socket
  • Packs away into convenient box
  • Keeps you Happy Hull cover dry even in heavy rainfall
  • It is a high quality British built pump
  • Flow rate of 1300 litre / hour
  • Electronic sealed water sensor – no float sensor that can jam
  • Universal transom fit
  • Costs only £407.50 +vat