37FT 600hp boats aren’t normally linked to efficient running.

Happy Hull is here to help. This beautiful 2023 Axopar 37 XC boat needs a clean slick hull to ride efficiently on it’s twin steps. Not only does the Happy Hull protect the hull from marine growth and barnacles – it also keeps the anodes, trim tabs and engines spotless. This captain also opted for our autopump system so his hull and ancillaries stay spotless and his end of day clean up is even faster. Once the hull cover is drained the this vessel is drydocked whilst still having all the niceties of being on there water.

A clean hull = efficiency. The translates into money saved on fuel, further range and the engines working less at a higher speed.

This Axopar 37 XC hull cover also acts as a great docking aid and the owner has no problem docking solo, even in strong cross winds. Your boat is also protected from the elements and other accidentally captains.

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