How to clean your Happy Hull in under 7 minutes!

How to Clean the underneath of Your Happy Hull Boat Protector in Under 7 Minutes

Owning a boat means you’re well-acquainted with the joys of the open water, but also the upkeep required to keep your vessel in top shape. The Happy Hull boat hull protector is a fantastic investment, shielding your boat’s hull from damage, grime and marina growth. However, it too requires occasional cleaning, every few years, to prevent excessive weight deforming the shape. Here’s a quick and efficient guide to cleaning your Happy Hull Boat Protector in under 7 minutes.

What You’ll Need:

  • 4m long flexible brush with ropes – BUY ME

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

1. Loosen boat & HH mooring ropes slightly

Loosen off the mooring ropes for the boat and HH to allow the cleaning brush to pass easily along the full length of the protector.

2. Get a willing Ship MATE 🙂

One person stands on one side of the boat and the other person either on the opposite side of the boat or standing on the parallel pontoon finger. Start at the bow of the boat and start brushing underneath the Happy Hull in a see-sawing action from one person to the other. Be careful not to catch the Happy Hull. Gently does it, no need to force it or go to quick.

3. Work front to back and back again

Continue the seesawing action from bow to stern. With each brush stroke you are gently removing any marine growth back into the eco system for the fish to consume. Once you have reached the stern of the boat, repeat the same all the way back to the bow.

4. All Done

Once you are happy the majority of the growth has been removed take out the gutter brush and give it a good rinse, ready to put away for storage.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your Happy Hull Boat Protector doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. With these steps, you can keep it in pristine condition in under 7 minutes. A well-maintained protector not only looks great but also ensures your boat’s hull remains in excellent shape, giving you more time to enjoy your adventures on the water.

Happy boating!

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